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Are Planning to Study Abroad? (Part 1)

If you want to Study Abroad and you don’t know where to start from, will take you through things you must know before you start planning to Study Abroad.

It can be US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand or any other country in the world for your Bachelors, Masters, MBA, MIM, PhD, or any other course to Study Abroad

Study Abroad
Courses and Country to study Abroad

1) Which Course you are planning to apply for? Which Country you are planning to apply to Study Abroad?

There are multiple factors that come in here, to apply internationally you need least 4-12 months for preparation. There are FALL INTAKE (Means August – September intake), SPRING INTAKE (Means December-January Intake) for applying.

It depends on which course you are applying for & which country you want to apply in irrespective of Bachelors, Masters, MBA or PhD.

I would suggest you, if you are working in a particular field try going ahead with it for higher education, or if you don’t have working experience and you are a fresher, then go with the education you had done previously completed.

If you don’t know which course to choose, then think why do you want to go to abroad for. Thank can be for Exposure, Earn Money, or you have your relatives staying there, any thing could be possible.

The Very Importing thing to study Abroad is to decide your Budget your finance, Tuition fee, living Expense, accommodation

2) Exams required for that course & how to prepare?

Before applying to any college or University you have to get your scores of the Exams that is required in your University or for that particular course. Scores will determine if you can apply for that particular college, based on scores you can apply for Universities.

If you are going for your Bachelors then SAT or TOEFL .

If your going for your Masters & MBA then IELTS, GRE, GMAT are important

Summarizing the above whole

Decide, which Course you want to pursue – Decide, which country you want to apply in – Shortlist your Universities – Decide your Budget and Finance (Tuition Fee, Living Expense & Miscellaneous Expenses)

Study Abroad Guide – Part ! (Ankur Warikoo)