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How I started Wildlife Photography?

My name is Akshay Vazirani & I’m 23 years old (Currently). I graduated from Swami Vivekanand college, Chembur in BMM i;e Bachelors in Mass Media in 2019.

So it all started during my graduation when I choose BMM to go into the Advertising field, not as a photographer at first but to know about the industry first and then select. As it had Photography subject in BMM, I got to learn about camera and photography. As a beginner, you should know the basics of the camera and its functions. The very basic functions you should know as to when clicking pictures is all about “ISO, Shutterspeed & Aperture“. These 3 are the pillars of Photography.

I Started clicking flower pictures with my mobile phone before i got my first camera Nikon D5200 in 2017. I was so excited when i got my first camera, I started clicking pictures from my house balcony and it would be birds for sure is when i grabbed interest shooting birds. It all started from birds and went on to animals and insects afterwards. You can have a look to my clicked pictures below.

As Talking about my Wildlife photography interest, i started exploring places, for where i can get pictures to click of different types of birds. until now i have explored few places near Navi Mumbai where i live.

  • T S Chanakya is one of the place where i got beautiful Seagull Birds followed by Egrets, flamingos, storks, and few more.
  • There’s a lake beside the DPS school, Nerul where you can find thousands of flamingos during the season (November-February)
  • I have also been to Bird Watching Area CBD valley where you can various types of birds, insects etc. People usually go there for clicking pictures, walking, jogging, etc.
  • ALl the bird pictures i have had clicked in these places you can find them below.

Slowly and steady i started from birds and it well went on to animals also. I after some time visited Lonavala’s Monkey Point capturing Monkeys. there you have to be very careful because the Monkeys can snatch anything from you, specially any eatables. my best pictures i clicked in there

Now Starts the very important Part of my wildlife photography.

I started a social media page as freelancer photography where I had posted some Street Photography, Portraits, and every photo, where I also posted my wildlife pictures too. after this I thought why not make a new social media (Instagram) page for only Wildlife. this is where i started my wildlife page and focusing more to build that page more interesting and creative with all my best pictures i had/will click.

Moving Forward, I bought a Mobile Lense Skyvik Signi Pro 2 in 1 in November 2020 after which i started clicking macro photos, here is where i started my journey into macro photography. the interesting thing about this lense is it gives you decent and good macro pictures from mobile camera. people who wants to click macro pictures of insects or any others can definitely try this lense.

The best pictures in my social media page feed, I have captured Birds, Insects, Nature in Talegaon. Talegaon is 120KM from Mumbai. there is my second home, i usually go there on weekends to chill and relax. Talegaon is between Lonavala and Pune. the climate and atmosphere in talegaon is not less than any hill station the temperature in winters goes to 12-13′ celsius. and for people linking in Mumbai 12-13′ means very cold.

Some of my Best Macro Pictures & Videos.

Youtube Video
Youtube Video


February 14, 2022 at 11:38 am

I have taken notice that in digital cameras, unique devices help to target automatically. The actual sensors with some cameras change in in the area of contrast, while others make use of a beam involving infra-red (IR) light, particularly in low lumination. Higher specs cameras at times use a mixture of both systems and could have Face Priority AF where the camera can ‘See’ the face and concentrate only in that. Thank you for sharing your notions on this website.

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